It’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought an increased need for the ongoing disinfection of public spaces to protect public health. However, even as we start to see restrictions lighten, disinfection is still important in commercial spaces, factory settings, healthcare facilities, and many other public spaces. 

Today, disinfecting public spaces involves much more than just wiping down surfaces. In fact, new technologies now exist to improve the disinfection process. For example, at ProStar, we use electrostatic backpack sprayers from Victory Innovations to perform our disinfection services. Keep reading to find out how this technology has revolutionized disinfection, providing multiple benefits, including even coverage, greater efficiency, and less residual moisture. 

What is an Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer? 

Electrostatic backpack sprayers are the gold standard when it comes to killing viruses. These portable disinfection devices are used by our cleaning professionals to spray surfaces with disinfectant evenly and efficiently. Each sprayer has a charging ring that places a positive charge on the solution in the tank, which allows the device to provide a thin, even spray of disinfectant and improves the adhesion of the disinfectant on surfaces. 

How the Electrostatic Technology Works 

Two things happen with you add a positive charge to the particles in a solution: 

  1. The positively charged particles repel each other. 
  2. Negatively charged or neutral particles attract the positively charged particles. 

As the positively charged solution leaves the sprayer, the particles within the solution begin to repel each other. This phenomenon causes the particles in the solution to spread out and cover a wider surface area with a thinner coat of disinfectant. The particles also wrap around surfaces, providing effective coverage of curved surfaces such as doorknobs. 

At the same time, the positively charged particles in the disinfectant are attracted to the negatively charged or neutral surfaces to which they are applied, resulting in greater adhesion of the disinfecting solution. 

Electrostatic Backpack Sprayers vs. the Alternatives 

An alternative to electrostatic backpack sprayers is pump-up sprayers. These sprayers don’t use electrostatic technology. Instead, they simply mist the surfaces with disinfectant. 

There are a few problems associated with traditional pump-up sprayers: 

  1. You have to wipe up the solution after spraying it to get rid of residual moisture. 
  2. Wiping up the solution without giving the disinfectant enough time to dwell will not kill viruses properly. 
  3. Leaving the solution on surfaces can cause surfaces to deteriorate (i.e. rust). 

Every disinfectant manufacturer has its own “dwell time” instructions which must be followed in order for the disinfectant to work effectively. Dwell time is the amount of time it takes for the solution to kill the viruses on a surface. In order to allow the disinfectant to do its job, you have to allow for a certain amount of dwell time, typically 1-5 minutes, depending on the product specifications. However, 1-5 minutes is a very long time to leave surfaces wet with disinfectant. 

Electrostatic backpack sprayers create a much finer mist while still ensuring proper coverage of the surface, which reduces the residual moisture significantly. Without the excess moisture, there’s no need to wipe the surfaces after the solution is sprayed, which gives the solution the appropriate amount of dwell time for virus kill without overwetting, which leads to drippage and surface erosion or degradation.

This unique electrostatic process also increases efficiency by up to 90% compared to traditional disinfection methods. Our cleaning professionals can cover a larger area in a much shorter amount of time, significantly reducing the cost of your service. 

When using electrostatic backpack sprayers, it’s important to note that PPE is essential. Whenever you’re dealing with spray chemicals, everyone in the area must wear appropriate PPE according to the chemical manufacturer’s SDS sheet, including respiratory protection to avoid chemical ingestion. There may be other PPE required as well, such as eye protection, gloves, etc. 

ProStar Can Help You Keep Your Shared Spaces Safe & Virus-Free 

Victory Innovations’ electrostatic technology has made a revolutionary impact on the cleaning industry. ProStar is proud to use this exceptional equipment to provide our customers with disinfection results that exceed industry standards. 

At ProStar, we have used our electrostatic backpack sprayers to support many different clients through our commercial disinfection services, and our results have been proven through third-party testing. Contact us today to book commercial disinfection for your property or learn more about our commercial disinfection services here.

Published on May 11, 2022