Our Team

We Are ProStar

Our highly experienced and committed team is united in our commitment to ensure that every cleaning is a Job done right.®

ProStar employee Michelle Mensies

Michelle Mensies

Field Manager
13 years served

A  Job done right.® is about making the customer happy, making co-workers happy and being proud of what we accomplish.

ProStar employee Gale Burgess

Gale Burgess

11 years served (Retired 2021)

A Job done right.® is making sure that I have done the job correctly and in a respectful manner.

ProStar employee Abigail Valencia

Abigail Valencia

1 year served

A Job done right.® is when the client is more than satisfied, they are happy and grateful. 

ProStar employee Colleen Simmons

Colleen Siemens

Cleaning Division Manager
1 year served

A Job done right.® is personalizing every encounter with the customer, seeing that each task is done properly and thoroughly, creating a great experience, and always following up by asking for their feedback to ensure 100% satisfaction.

ProStar is a great place to work, too.

Cleaner with cleaning equipment