November 22, 2016

At the end of June, 2016, I woke to the sound of thunder. Thinking it was a thunderstorm I went to the window to watch. Turned out to be hail the size of grapes. I took several pictures during the downpour which lasted about 15 minutes. Add I looked closer at the hail covering the ground I noticed some looked pretty large, more like the size of ping-pong balls. I expanded the photos and was able to see hail from the size of peas to the size of golf balls. 
I went and checked the car and found it full of dents from the hail. On checking the house I found damage to siding, screens, gutters and my shed. With that much damage I knew to contact the insurance company and get everything checked by a professional. My agent told me they used ProStar Cleaning & Restoration exclusively. I had never heard of them.

The appraiser came out, and I discovered he was an engineer, which immediately impressed me. He showed me how to “see” the real damage to the shingles, gutters and things that I would never have noticed. His associate came to my house with the estimate and walked me through exactly what would be done. He was also an engineer, and gave me copies of all the documents and information on my contact at ProStar. I talked to my contact at ProStar the next day and got a time when work would start . 
I was a bit skeptical about the timetable, having dealt with insurance claims before and not been very impressed.

Much to my surprise, the job was done on time, on schedule, and done right the first time! I made a point of talking to each group that came out and found everyone that I talked to or asked questions of to be helpful, courteous, friendly and willing to take the time to answer all of my questions. I am totally happy with the service and performance of the entire crew that was sent to bring my home back to better than new condition. 
I can certainly see why my insurer uses ProStar exclusively. If I ever need cleaning or restoration work in the future, I know exactly who I’ll be calling. ProStar.

- admin

November 13, 2016

I definitely recommend ProStar. My experience was great and the work was done well. The contractor was open to my input and was happy to discuss the work and any solutions I had to offer. The cleaning crew was quick, too. I can’t tell there was any previous damage to my house now that the work is done. (November 2016)

- admin

August 20, 2010

Dear Jodi,

I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know that I’m so pleased with the workers you sent over. They were courteous, friendly and worked within my schedule. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all their hard work. Thanks to you as well for keeping us all in the loop as far as repairs (as I haven’t heard anything from the property management). Excellent service, excellent job!!!

Crew Chief Blair and helpers Jean Paul, Steven & Nick

- admin

May 22, 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for helping out Veronica on such short notice. She came to me in the morning at work and told me how she had had a flood and that the company she called wasn’t getting back to her. I recommended she give you guys a call.

She was so impressed and thought you and your team were absolutely fabulous. She was just thrilled with how helpful and calm and resourceful you were. She felt totally at ease having you take care of this problem for her.

So kudos to you and your company, and a great big thank you from me!

- admin

May 17, 2010

I had a water problem at my house and didn’t know if it warranted an actual Flood Remediation company or not. I was watering my lawn and it turns out that the hose bib broke and water went back into the ceiling and down the walls. I did decide to call ProStar Cleaning though and they were at my home in less than 30 minutes. They brought in equipment to test what was going on behind the walls, ceilings, etc….and found an incredible amount of water! It was a very sad time. It is very nerve wracking and to add insult to injury, my basement is newly renovated.

Within 30 minutes more, Jodi had her team at my home, and she showed me the paperwork required, explained everything in detail, was very, very calm, clear, compassionate, informed, professional and in the process calmed me. Her staff was very professional, well dressed, polite and quick. They had the furniture and all my personal belongings boxed up and moved to the garage, the furniture moved, vacuumed up the water, removed drywall, where necessary, accessed the damages, and all while I sat at my table with a glass of wine and watched.

They removed the wet drywall, underlay, carpet etc. in big bags, and left no mess behind from their work (besides the actual flood area). They have their dryers in place and have sprayed for bacteria, mold, etc. This is followed up by an email outlining everything that I needed to do to get the insurance rolling, etc. They will be there daily to check progress. I have absolutely no doubt that my home will be restored back to 100% perfection by the time they are done.

I actually would say I almost felt like a princess watching the staff clean up the nastiest mess. And making my every wish regarding this – their demand. I was very, very well taken care of and would not hesitate for one second to recommend ProStar Cleaning for a disaster

- admin

May 3, 2010

After my condo flooded , ProStar was on the scene very quickly. They told me what to expect and what needed to be done. Even though it was New Years Eve they worked through the evening and next day to minimize the damage and assess the situation.

Jodi Scarlett was phenomenal and I learned a lot from her, she usually tried to call every few days to let me know what was going on. This was very much appreciated. She was much more informative, forthright and knowledgeable than the adjusters assigned by the Insurance Company.

Once we got to the rebuilding phase this happened very quickly, and minimized the amount of time I was out of my condo.

I have no problem telling family, friends or anybody about the quality service I received with ProStar.

Special thanks to Alejandro, who was first to arrive, and worked through the evening and weekend with his crew.

- admin

April 7, 2010

We were really happy with the two gentlemen you sent out to fix the bathroom ceiling and paint that red hallway properly! They always called to let me know when they were coming and where the job was at. They started Wednesday and finished Friday, the last guys took 3 months!!! So thank you again and I will let our management company know how happy we are with the work.

- admin

April 6, 2010

Yesterday my baseboards were replaced and the washer/dryer were moved back. I am writing this to thank both of the gentlemen who did this. Particularly the “young” man involved. My mother who is 84 was absolutely beaming on how kind and nice he was. She really couldn’t say enough nice things about him. Thank you very much and please relay my thanks to this young man (and the other fellow) for being so patient and kind to my mother. P.S. – The baseboards and all other items fixed are complete and look terrific.

- admin